The current line up of Dizzy Lizzy are led by the ever present 'H' on vocal and bass guitar. H is the centrepoint of Dizzy Lizzy. He lives in West Bromwich, just down the road from the Hospital where Philip Lynott was born. He started Dizzy Lizzy back in 1994 after a working in the legendary 'Strap On Jack' band, and also a brief stint with Jas Mann in 'Babylon Zoo'.
Tony Glidewell - Guitars.
Greg - Guitars
Lev - Drums

As with the genuine Lizzy, guitar players in Dizzy Lizzy came and went, and came back again...
Dizzy Lizzy has boasted some significant past members who have included;
Tim Read - Now playing in Demon & Limehouse Lizzy

Tim Read - Guitar
Stu Clarke: Who also formed the band with H in 1993. He was also playing with the 'Goats Don't Shave' frontman in an hilarious act under the monicker of 'Ian The Goat sings Black Sabbath', He left the band and the UK for a stint living and working in Tenerife. Sadly, Stu died in 2009

Des Sherwood - Des used to play with the band in the '90s. He is now a guitar tutor who has his own website - In 2005 Des had a phone call from Ozzy Osbourne when he was considering him to be his new guitarist.

Brian Tatler: Better known as the guitarist with Diamond Head. Brian played with the band for a couple of years in the late nineties, including the shows in LA. He has been known to stand in when help is needed at hastily arranged gigs.

Huw Lucas: Yet another ex-regular. Huw has worked with Robin George and was also flown out to America by Def Leppard when he was in the final running for the replacement of Steve Clark, which eventually went to Vivian Campbell.

Tim Haddon: A recent member of the band. He is currently part of 51 Stone, a rock covers power trio. Visit his website and get to a gig soon at .

Ian Danter: Ian has played both drums and guitar for Dizzy Lizzy in the past. He has played with other Birmingham based bands such as Shotgun Wedding. He is also currently a radio DJ for Heart FM Radio. He is also a voice over man for various adverts.

Lee Small: Played a number of gigs with Dizzy Lizzy including one of the Vibes. He was previously with local Birmingham band Native Cain. He has his own website; He has a new cd out called "Songs From The Deep" It features a song he wrote about Philip Lynott called "A Song For Philo" (& features Sie Babb on drums) this is now available on-line, on his web site

In the drum stool, you may have seen Tim James, the original drummer who you can see sometimes playing with 'Goats Don't Shave', Mickey Tong, Dickie, or on a very rare occasion Andy Beddows alias 'Jessop'.