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Dizzy Lizzy are the most fantastic tribute dedicated to one of Rock’s all time legends ‘Phil Lynott’.

Dizzy Lizzy have an amazing sound and resemblance to the classic 70s & 80s rock band. They will take you back in time to relive that magical era with a superb blend of classic  foot stomping rock anthems and rock ballads (The Boys Are Back In Town, Whiskey In the Jar, Emerald, Black Rose, Rosalie, Sarah, Still In Love With You). Dizzy Lizzy are a long established tribute to Thin Lizzy. Since early 1994 their sound and set list faithfully recreate that trademark Lizzy sound.  Philomena Lynott has commented that Dizzy Lizzy are ‘the closest tribute to playing her son’s music’ – a sentiment that has rippled through the years.
During their career this acknowledgement has been recognised by many as the closest and convincing tribute to the real thing. They are now becoming one of the country’s leading tributes. Appearing at many prestigious venues, they have headlined the ‘Vibe for Philo’ in Dublin and performed and toured with the original Thin Lizzy guitarist Eric Bell. Eric Bell’s reaction on first seeing the band…’I could only watch three numbers owing to the emotions, the resemblance to Phil and the mannerisms and playing, it was spooky – it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck…’
They can also be heard on the documentary CD ‘I Am Just A Cowboy’. Although based in the Midlands, Dizzy Lizzy tour extensively throughout the UK and have performed as far a field as Los Angeles and Dubai
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